God's Own Country

Rustic beauty along a road less travelled in... that is Ashtamudi for you!

Why is Kerala God’s Own Country?

Think of Kerala, think of spices! India is world’s leading country in producing spice with Kerala being the primary producing state. Ginger, cardamom, chilly, cassia, clove, kokum, cinnamon, nutmeg – you name it, you get it! But, Kerala is not only about spices. On one hand you get to see the serene and calm backwaters in Poovar and on the other hand there is the mystic Munnar hill.

About Kerala

Kerala – a symphony composed in the strings of beauty and a land endowed with myriad of boons and bounties that bestowed it the glory of being god’s own country. The rural life in Kerala, untouched by the mighty hands of industrialization and much of the repulsive transformation of urban sophistication, offers a paradisal experience to the traveller. The serene backwaters, swaying coconut

Approved Homestay

RoomysNest Ashtamudi Home has been classified as Diamond House by Department of Tourism (Govt. of Kerala)